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Creative Writing is a buzzword that most parents want their children to ace this thought. However, can every child

  • Learn this skill?
  • Enhance their creativity?
  • Improve their writing?
  • Independently think through?
  • Widen the communication skills?
  • Learn more vocabulary?
  • Be more confident?
The answer is "YES".
But the concerns from most of the parents are
  • My child is not a writer
  • He/She doesn't have any exposure to creative writing
  • My child doesn't love to write
  • Already they are bored writing the Homework from school
  • They can't sit in online classes for one hour.
  • I think online classes don't work for my children
  • He/She doesn't have good vocabulary skills
All the above conversations can be stopped when you make your child to attend Creative Writing Workshop

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