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Public Speaking  for Kids

The term "Public Speaking" is the most dangerous word to digest for many Adults and Children. The research says Public Speaking is the largest fear on earth more than death. However, most of the children are not able to stand on the stage and speak even though they are interested to speak.

A few reasons could include
1. They would have been put down constantly in the past
2. Their low self-esteem could be a result of the home or school environment
3. They have failed certain stage performances
4. People would have laughed at their stage presence
5. Facing a lot of crowd gave them jittery feeling
6. Fear of Failure in front of known people/parents
7. Lack of Language skills
8. Not knowing enough vocabulary
9. Having an inner conversation that they haven't studied from a reputed school.
10. They don't converse in English at home and many more reasons.

However, can we allow our children to carry on these conversations and remain shy/timid/less confident zone or you want them breakthrough the barrier and enter into the powerful zone?
If YES, you can allow your children to experience the 60 minutes introductory session with me on Public Speaking.
What your child will learn
1. Importance of Public Speaking
2. How it is useful for them
3. Nuances of the Public Speaking
4. How to speak when a topic is given
5. What are the elements required in a speech
6. Information about how to organize the content
7. How to persuade people using communication skills
8. To get rid of fear
9. Using Bold and Powerful voice
10. Delivery techniques of a speech and to speak in front of the crowd

But sometimes Parents might have these concerns.
1. How will online sessions work
2. Can Public Speaking be done online
3. How far this is effective
4. Does it work
5. How do we practice this continously
6. My child is young to understand
7. They don't know how to write scripts
8. My child is having school everyday
9. I think being strong in academics is good enough
10. My child is hesitant, I don't think I can make him/her participate

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