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Story Carpet has been ventured with the Mission to create transformation for any human being through various training methodologies.

Story Carpet has been started with a perfect goal to create transformation for any human being. The purpose of the Story Carpet is to infuse confidence, self-esteem and to enhance communication through the methodology of Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Storytelling, and Personality Development programs.

Mission and Vision


Story Carpet has been ventured with the mission to infuse Positive Ripples in the minds of young children, adolescents, students, and adults.


Story Carpet is planning to promote the mission by transforming students and adults through Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Storytelling, Personality Development, and Life transformation programs

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About Story Teller

Who is Mubeen Irshad?

  • Mubeen Irshad is an Author, Storyteller, Motivational Speaker and a Trainer
  • She has a rich experience of 10 years in the corporate world by traveling to countries such as Netherland, China, Singapore, and the USA apart from her work experience in India
  • She is one of the “Global Woman Ambassadors of CIMSME”
  • She is the author of the best-selling book “Positive Ripples”
  • She has transformed around 6000 students and 3000 adults through various programs
  • She has published 8 books in the Amazon Kindle through the Creative Writing Workshop
  • She has conducted training programs in various colleges such as VIT, Loyola College, KCG College of Engineering and DG Vaishnav college.
  • She did Business storytelling programs in various corporates such as Accenture, SRF ,Daimler, IQVIA and Infidelity
  • She was a guest speaker at MIT, VIT, SDNB college, JBAS and Chennai Storytelling Festival
  • She was a winner in various contests of Toastmasters, a Public Speaking Forum for Speakers across the world.
  • She has been awarded as the “Top 100 women entrepreneurs” from Ooruni foundation.
  • She also has been conferred as the “Women on the rise” from Cynergi Writers Forum.

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